Building on the success of the Rising Stars Awards in 2020 and 2021, winners for this year’s awards were announced at a special ceremony at the Royal Jersey Showground on Friday 29 July 2022.

The ceremony celebrated the achievements of talented, young individuals across Jersey’s financial sector.

In total, over 150 young people between the ages of 16 and 30 were nominated for the awards with a shortlist for each of the twelve categories being selected by an independent panel of judges, and more than 50,000 votes being cast by members of the public to ultimately determine the winners.

Congratulations to all our winners and runners up, and to all those who were nominated!


Leandro Rodrigues, Langham Hall

Leandro Rodrigues, Langham Hall WINNER

Chelsea Dollar, PwC

Chelsea Dollar, PwC SHORTLISTED

Daniel Nolan, Grant Thornton

Daniel Nolan, Grant Thornton SHORTLISTED


Stephen Coelho, UBS AG

Stephen Coelho, UBS AG WINNER

John Pipon, UBS AG


Megan O'Connor, Standard Bank Wealth Group

Megan O'Connor, Standard Bank Wealth Group SHORTLISTED


Catherine Buxton, Stonehage Fleming

Catherine Buxton, Stonehage Fleming WINNER

Dominic Hind, Mourant Consulting

Dominic Hind, Mourant Consulting SHORTLISTED

Louise Darwin, PwC

Louise Darwin, PwC SHORTLISTED

CSR and Employee Morale

Oliver Berisford, Sanne

Oliver Berisford, Sanne WINNER

Charley Sampson, PwC

Charley Sampson, PwC SHORTLISTED

Jordan Stott, Deloitte LLP

Jordan Stott, Deloitte LLP SHORTLISTED


Rahul Kini, EY

Rahul Kini, EY WINNER

Chelsea Le Beurrier, TMF Group

Chelsea Le Beurrier, TMF Group SHORTLISTED

Max Lamb, PwC


Diversity and Inclusion

Sumaya Nabembezi, PwC

Sumaya Nabembezi, PwC WINNER

Natalia Fortuna, Ogier

Natalia Fortuna, Ogier SHORTLISTED

Shelly Abreu, Deloitte LLP

Shelly Abreu, Deloitte LLP SHORTLISTED


Harry Messervy, Langham Hall

Harry Messervy, Langham Hall WINNER

Corey Bisson, Sanne

Corey Bisson, Sanne SHORTLISTED

Marina Mackinder, KPMG

Marina Mackinder, KPMG SHORTLISTED

Human Resources

Alice Hutchinson, Vistra

Alice Hutchinson, Vistra WINNER

Lydia Mollet, PwC


Mia Dixon, Ogier

Mia Dixon, Ogier SHORTLISTED

Investment Management

Charlie Le Quelenec, Ashburton

Charlie Le Quelenec, Ashburton WINNER

Jodie Hassett, Rathbones

Jodie Hassett, Rathbones SHORTLISTED

Luke Twardowski-Reid

Luke Twardowski-Reid SHORTLISTED


Caitlin Conner, Carey Olsen

Caitlin Conner, Carey Olsen WINNER

Bradley Gibb, Collas Crill

Bradley Gibb, Collas Crill SHORTLISTED

Zandy Cohen, Viberts

Zandy Cohen, Viberts SHORTLISTED


Chris Hansen, Lloyds Bank International

Chris Hansen, Lloyds Bank International WINNER

Ayisha Ashworth, JTC

Ayisha Ashworth, JTC SHORTLISTED

Danielle Costford, JTC

Danielle Costford, JTC SHORTLISTED


Rosa Micheljump, Zedra

Rosa Micheljump, Zedra WINNER

Andre De Faria, Hawksford

Andre De Faria, Hawksford SHORTLISTED

Ben Rive, Sabre Advisory

Ben Rive, Sabre Advisory SHORTLISTED


Tori Davis, PwC

Tori Davis, PwC WINNER

Ellen Hibbs, Highvern

Ellen Hibbs, Highvern SHORTLISTED

Luke Bromage-Henry, Deloitte LLP

Luke Bromage-Henry, Deloitte LLP SHORTLISTED

Trust and Corporate Services

Owen Anderton, Dominion

Owen Anderton, Dominion WINNER

Chelsea Mason, Sanne

Chelsea Mason, Sanne SHORTLISTED

Emily Hotton, Altum Group

Emily Hotton, Altum Group SHORTLISTED

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